Victims of Bullying

No one can say that our Tory Bullingdon-clubbers are not well-versed in the principles of class-warfare. Educated at some of our countries most segregated institutions, Tories are drilled from an early age about their divine right to rule.

Allegiance to one’s stuck-up equals is a central feature of life for such class fighters. This is because there are many of us, and only a few of them, hence the willingness of Tories to wield their power with such violence against any successful organised movements of the working-class.

Like all playground bullies, Tories are adept at preying upon the weak and vulnerable, using the ritual abuse of their targets to scare unorganised bystanders into quietude. The tragic aftermath of such institutionalised intimidation is one reason why, with the help of teachers, school children are always encouraged to resist bullying.

As one local primary school student told the Leicester Mercury (July 1), “If we see someone being bullied, we have to tell other people.” Following this sage advice, I wish to alert regular readers of the Mercury to the fact that our Labour City Council shows all the signs of having been bullied. I say this because Labour have mysteriously and abruptly reversed their policy direction regarding the democratic organisation of Leicester’s schools.

For years the Council, including Peter Soulsby, have worked in conjunction with the teaching unions in vehemently exposing and resisting the belligerent efforts employed by the Government to force schools into becoming academies. And as of September 29 (Mercury) this resistance ended.

Lies about forced academy conversion

Labour still believes that academies and free schools weaken our education system, but with tears in their eyes they say they need to be pragmatic in the face of the Tories heavy-handed Education and Adoption Bill — a law that was explicitly passed “to speed up the academy conversion process” (September 29, Mercury).

Years of Tory domineering seem to have weakened our councillors’ mental fortitude. The Labour Party has a newly elected socialist leader, who for the first time in decades is inspiring a mood of collective resistance against Tory bullying, and our Labour Council choose this moment to capitulate?

Labour need to get off their knees and learn to “Roar Like a Lion,” which happens to be the name of the anti-bulling policy they promote in the city: a policy which explains how “Bullying is not a normal and inevitable part of growing up.”

Roar like a lion

Liz Kendall is a prime example of what happens when Labour politicians subside to the browbeating about the need to accept austerity and cuts. Sadly she has internalised the lies of her oppressors, which is the reason why she lost her challenge for the Labour Party leadership in the most embarrassing way.

It is perhaps unfortunate that Leicester’s assistant city mayor for schools, Councillor Sarah Russell — the individual in charge of revealing our Council’s broken turnabout on education — is Kendall’s “closest friend in politics” (August 9, Daily Mirror).

Leicester must continue to fight back against our Tory bullies. And if our Councillors will not do so, then we must act to deselect them, so others can roar like lions in their place.

This letter was emailed to the Leicester Mercury mailbox on 1st October.


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