Who Do Leicester’s Labour Councillors Support?

Today I emailed this “Open Letter” to all Labour’s Leicester city councillors, excluding those who support Liz Kendall in the ongoing Labour Leadership Contest.


Question about Labour leadership contest

I am writing in order to ask you a quick question: who would like to become the new leader of the Labour Party?

Unfortunately, so far, the only Leicester city councillors to publicly state their preferences have been those backing Liz Kendall’s leadership bid (see below).

Given the importance of this democratic leadership contest I am writing to all of Leicester’s Labour councillors to ask them who is their preferred candidate in this critically important event.

Of course any results that I obtain from this quick survey will be made public, as the voting preferences of city councillors is an issue that many Labour members will be interested in.

This important information will surely help inform Labour voters own decisions, and so I intend to write a letter to the Leicester Mercury to publicize the results of my survey.

Yours Faithfully

Michael Barker

The eleven Leicester Labour Councillors who pledged public support for Liz Kendall are Annette Byrne, Vijay Riyait and Harshad Bhavsar (Abbey ward); Hemant Rae Bhatia and Paul Westley (Beaumont Leys ward), Sarah Russell (Westcotes ward), George Cole (Western ward), Dawn Alfonso (Fosse ward), Lucy Chaplin (Stoneygate ward), Ross Willmott (Rushey Mead ward), and Vi Dempster (Humberstone and Hamilton). http://www.lizforleader.com/150-councillors


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