Liz Kendall: Public Enemy


Despite her tough Blairite rage against the Left, Liz Kendall’s street credentials remain intact.

In public, Syriza are “extremists” or enemies of the public, but is this all a clever charade?

Kendall’s revolutionary mask dropped during the Labour leadership debate on LBC radio when she revealed that her victory anthem would will be Public Enemy’s ‘Get up, stand up’.

Kendall publicly decries those who would “take us back to become an unelectable party of protest”, but quietly, hidden behind her distasteful elitist proclamations, lays the beating heart of a socialist revolutionary. As Public Enemy put it:

Occupy if you denied;
Protest songs ’cause I see wrong;
Most of my heroes still don’t appear on no stamp;
So I rant even when they say I can’t.

And that’s right! Margaret Thatcher has a stamp; Winston Churchill has one too; so why not Kendall’s other heroes?

With a fury against injustice that is matched only by Public Enemy themselves, Kendall quietly ponders their anthem:

Get up, stand up, 
Get up, stand up…
Never have so many been screwed by so few.

And who might those heroes be? Well, if she listens to Public Enemy’s album Most Of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear On No Stamp as closely as I have, then all is revealed.

Think Black Power and the militantly socialist Black Panthers Huey Newton and H Rap Brown; think communist leaders Angela Davis and Fidel Castro; think anti-imperialist warriors like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. All receive name-checks by Chuck D.

But maybe, just maybe, Kendall has mistaken what Public Enemy are all about!



  1. I think she just got the wrong band name off her Iplod, showing she knows as much about music as she does social democracy. She probably meant to say Bob Marley’s “Get up, Stand up.”

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