Thank You Peter!

Jon Ashworth was elected Labour MP for Leicester South in May 2011, his election following on the heels of the resignation of his predecessor Peter Soulsby from this parliamentary position.

So perhaps as a way of thanking Soulsby for the smooth hand-over of Leicester’s reigns of power, just a few months later Mr Ashworth gave a publicity boost to L&M Spray finishers within the pages of the Leicester Mercury (September 12) – a business which is owned by Soulsby’s son-in-law, Marvin Cutkelvin.


For those who don’t already know, Elly Cutkelvin — who is Marvin’s wife — was first elected as a local Labour Councillor for the Freeman ward (now Saffron) in May 2011, after her job as her dad’s part-time Junior Parliamentary Secretary came to an abrupt end.


As the Mercury reported at the time of Ashworth’s friendly visit (which coincided with a meeting with the city’s Chamber of Commerce):

“Mr Ashworth said small and medium sized enterprises such as L&M Spray were the backbone of the Leicester economy. He said: ‘L&M is the sort of manufacturing business that is vital to the economy.’”


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