Labour’s Homeopathic Cure for Austerity

With the Government obliterating the very social fabric of society, who wouldn’t like to indulge in a little magical thinking? Forget the facts for a moment. Ignore the Labour Party’s inability to differentiate themselves from their Tory brethren; and let’s dream a little.

What would it mean if homeopathic principles applied to the Labour Party? What would it mean if the more dilute the Party’s commitment to socialism, the more enhanced it’s emancipatory potency?

It would mean that all the past witch-hunts over the past century that have been persecuted against the Left with so much vigour, would be worth their weight in gold.

It would mean that Blue Labour acolytes like Liz Kendall and Co. were doing us all a favour: their ridding the Labour Party of socialists would actually be enhancing the Party’s ability to combat capitalism.

Infinitesimal doses of working-class politics would be the order of the day, and only this could bring about a truly fair society, divorced of poverty and exploitation.

But low-and-behold this exciting moment may already be here, thanks to the stellar work in recent years of visionaries like Neil Kinnock, closely followed by Blair and his disciples. Radicals in the Labour Party have now been so diluted that the capitalists are quaking in their boots.

Brave socialist hold-outs like Jeremy Corbyn, holed up within a Party devoid of all but the most rudimentary democratic structures, now present themselves as our saviours – of this there can be no doubt. Unfortunately Corbyn has played his cards a little too open through his parliamentary championing of homeopathy.

Ironically, support for such fantastical clear strategising has come from unlikely places, be it Labour careerists like Keith Vaz, or astrologically inclined Tories, like David Tredinnock.

Working on a bipartisan basis, such individuals have cunningly cloaked their struggle for serial socialist dilutions under their openly professed love of bottled water (very small and expensive bottles at that). This they have achieved by supporting numerous parliamentary motions promoting what they call “homeopathy” – wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

If Corbyn was to win the leadership bid, it seems likely that his socialist elixir would certainly not be…

…accepted by the right-wing pro-capitalist elements that dominate both the Labour Party machine and the Parliamentary Labour Party. Of the 232 members of the parliamentary Labour Party only nine are members of the Socialist Campaign Group to which Jeremy Corbyn belongs.

This number may still be too many for this homeopathic approach to class politics to prove effective. But if Corbyn’s leadership bid is eventually overturned by the capitalist mainstream of the Labour Party, perhaps this would provide the final impetus for Labour voters to break with their costly opiate fix.

It is then that the real magic would begin, and a new socialist Party could be constructed by the masses for the masses.


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