Kendall’s Nightmare

Liz Kendall’s fantasy and delirium are in expedient conformity with her real political aims. Her aims being to completely detach the Labour Party from its withered roots in the working-class.

Labour lost the elections because they presented themselves as Tory-lite, lining up against the SNP’s pledges to fight austerity.

As if guided by a supernatural spirit from Labour leaders past, Kendall evidently sees red-monsters under every bed, and says it is a “fantasy” plain and simple that the Labour Party lost the election because they “weren’t leftwing enough”.

This week marked the first 150 Labour officials to join “Councillors for Kendall.” Yet her thirst for power is not shared by the 52 Labour Councillors in her own city: just one in five have pledged their allegiance for her conspiratorial leadership fantasy.

Screenshot 2

Must we really accept the “Councillors for Kendall’s” “demoralising and defeatist” dream for a New-New Labour, from a group that fervently believe that they “can only win if there is a complete capitulation to powerful conservative economic vested interests”? (July 9, Letter to Mercury)

Other actual leaders of the Labour movement look to what is happening in Greece with pride; but not Kendall. Instead she views the newly elected Syriza Government as “extremists” engaging in “fantasy politics”. (Watch the youtube clip here.)

Even the Trades Union Congress (TUC) which represents the vast majority of the six million plus trade unionists in Britain, and is hardly known for their extremist credentials – except in the Tory press – has only shown the utmost support for Syriza’s inspiring efforts to fight austerity.

The escalating nightmare of the Labour leadership battle has demonstrated once and for all that the Party is no longer willing, or capable, of opposing austerity; hence the formation of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. And that is reality… not fantasy.

This letter was sent to the Leicester Mercury mailbox on 9th July.

This short documentary about the rise of Syriza was filmed earlier this year with funding provided by Unite the Union — the union of which Liz Kendall is a current member.

The eleven Leicester Labour Councillors who have pledged support for Kendall include Annette Byrne, Vijay Riyait and Harshad Bhavsar (Abbey ward); Hemant Rae Bhatia and Paul Westley (Beaumont Leys ward), Sarah Russell (Westcotes ward), George Cole (Western ward), Dawn Alfonso (Fosse ward), Lucy Chaplin (Stoneygate ward), Ross Willmott (Rushey Mead ward), and , and Vi Dempster (Humberstone and Hamilton).

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