Labour’s Poor Fare

With all their power and wealth our political leaders seem incapable of running their own business affairs. When Cherie Blair decided to team up with former US Republican Party candidate Gail Lese to profit from private healthcare -no one was really that surprised.

But with the help of all the ‘best’ financial advisors in the world, we now discover that Cherie couldn’t even manage her own Cayman Island’s based tax-dodging scam — with the announcement last week that her business has gone bust.

Yet despite the violence inflicted upon the working-class by Cherie Blair and her darling husband, the Blairite legacy somehow retains power at the helm of the Labour Party.

Holding the torch high for Blue Labour is our very own Liz Kendall, who proudly attacks Labour’s lifeblood, the unions; promotes free schools; and then seeks to out-Tory the Tories on military spending. Even apparently leftwardly-leaning local Labour MP Jon Ashworth (Leicester South) now kowtows to Blairism, going so far to describe Ms Kendall as “incredible.” (June 16, Mercury)


Leicester deputy city mayor, Roy Palmer, is firmly with Ms Kendall on matters of state, and he has been a firm supporter of the Blairite “Progress” pressure group, of which Ms Kendall acts as a vice chair.

Writing in 2010 about Progress’ annual conference, Mr Palmer proudly recalled how Andy Burnham (who is visiting Leicester this weekend) had given the conferences opening speech.

Yet owing to Mr Palmer;s right-leaning tendencies, he evidently feels he must try doubly hard to impress upon the public the sincerity of his caring credentials. Thus earlier this year he spoke glowingly about the need for Fair Trade at an event organized by the City Council for schoolchildren.

Recall that “2,500 Leicester textile workers [are] paid half the minimum wage” (February 18, Mercury) — a human tragedy about which the Labour City Council has done next to nothing. Or remember that just last year the City Council, under Mr Palmer’s advice, decided that they could not afford to pay the city’s care workers fairly, as advocated by Unison’s Ethical Care Charter.

Yet as reported in the Leicester Mercury Mr Palmer had the audacity to say: “I’m pleased schools are backing our efforts as a Fairtrade city.” (February 9, Mercury) The hypocrisy is astounding, but apparently, this is nothing new for the Labour Party.


Letter sent to the Leicester Mercury mailbox on 24th June. 


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