Turning Up the Pressure

The sun may have remained hidden, but not so the people, whose sheer numbers raised the temperature on the streets today. In a mass display of noisy defiance, a quarter of a million people, chanted, danced, and squeezed through the heart of the city of London.

The high generated by this colossal protest will lift the spirits of workers across the country, and give comfort to the millions of others who either hadn’t heard about the People’s Assembly March Against Austerity, or were simply too busy trying to make ends meet to be able to attend.

Now the public has shown its willingness to fight-back, the unions must step up to the table and transform this enthusiasm into something concrete that will make the Tories reconsider their attacks on our class. First and foremost this will mean setting a date for a 24 hour General Strike, which will bring the six million plus workers into direct opposition to our Government.

We, the 99%, run this country, not them, the 1% (if that), and a General Strike uniting all unions will give a gentle reminder to the Tory toffs who line their own pockets while attacking the poor that the 76% of us who most certainly did not elect them!


March today – meet again to organise a strategy to beat the bosses at NSSN Conference on 4 July: https://m.facebook.com/events/1056499494377353/1056507344376568/

For more pictures and videos of the protest, see http://rt.com/uk/268597-austerity-major-london-protest/


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