Switching Off Our Labour Power

With today marking the state opening of Parliament, anti-Tory campaigners across the country are launching National Switch Off Day. The intention is that this will be the first of regular monthly protests against a Government that represents the interests of the super-rich, who only assumed power with the support of only 24 per cent of the electorate.

These campaigners will be refusing to use any energy and will be encouraging others to “switch off” at work, in order to stem the flow of profits flowing to the Tories and their business friends, who continue to profit so handsomely from ongoing cuts to public services.

But I and many other concerned citizens argue that organizing a one-day nation-wide General Strike would be a more effective way of withdrawing our support for the Government.

Such strike action would not only hit the Government where it hurts, in their pocket, but would at the same time concretise the fact that it is the 99 per cent not the 1 per cent who generate our country’s wealth.

Seen in this light, the People’s Assembly Against Austerity to be held in London on 20th June should provide a useful stepping stone for building for the type of united strike action that will let the 99 per cent’s voice finally be heard in Parliament.

Letter sent to the Leicester Mercury mailbox on 26th May in response to an article published on the same day (“Switching off part of protest”). Although the Mercury did not use my letter, they did publish a brilliant letter by Matthew Widdowson titled “Authoritarian turn.”



The Leicester Mercury article “Switching off part of protest” quoted a spokesperson for the group who pointed out how the Government “seem only to represent a minority of wealthy people in this country.” The protests symbolize “the culmination of more than five years of building resentment” towards a government that continues to attack the working class. “With 24 per cent of the electorate represented by our current government it seems the rest are keen to give up their home comforts for one day a month to show their displeasure.”


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