Global Fast Food Rights Day of Action

On Tuesday evening, young people, trade unionists and campaigners protested against zero-hour contracts and for a £10/hr minimum wage. The protest was held from 3-6pm outside McDonald’s in Leicester city centre.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), a new electoral challenge standing in a fifth of the parliamentary seats supported this global fast food rights day of action. In Britain the action is headed by the BFAWU union and the Fast Food Rights/Hungry for Justice campaign that it initiated.

Protest outside McDonalds

Despite the Labour Party’s alleged commitment to scrapping zero-hour contracts, two local Labour MP’s decided to ignore the protest. BFAWU regional organizer, George Atwall, had actually invited Jon Ashworth (Leicester South) and Keith Vaz (Leicester East) to the planned protest over two weeks ago, but despite both being in town, they refused to even respond to the  union’s request for help.



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