TUSC Gives Full Support to National Union of Teachers Manifesto for Education

Last night the National Union of Teachers (NUT) organized a packed and very successful “Education Question Time” event in Loughborough which included the country’s leading education privatiser Nicky Morgan amongst their panel. As might have been expected Mrs Morgan, the local MP and current Secretary of State for Education delivered well-honed blasts of meaningless hot air to the audience. In stark contrast the other panelists spoke with clarity and conviction in support of teachers and their students.

Matthew O’Callaghan, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Loughborough likewise spoke well, but seemed a little out of touch with his own party’s long standing commitment to the privatisation of education. This was especially apparent when he categorically stated “I hate free schools.” This however was a popular position with the audience who were supportive of the NUT’s excellent Manifesto for Education.

Through my employment as a support worker at Gateway College in Leicester I too understand how critical it is for workers to oppose the Government’s continuing attacks on our education system. That is precisely why I am standing as the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) parliamentary candidate for Leicester East. It is also perhaps significant that more members of the NUT national executive committee will be standing as TUSC candidates in May’s elections than there are candidates on the executive for any other party.

TUSC stands against cuts and privatisation and for good quality education for every child. We stand for free education for all, for grants not fees. That’s why TUSC as a political organization fully endorse the NUT’s Manifesto for Education which sets out a different direction for education in England and Wales.

For further details see “TUSC endorses NUT Manifesto – while four NEC members will stand as TUSC candidates.”


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