Jack Straw’s Company

The ruling class — whether running the Labour or the Conservative Party — maintain a ruthless dedication to serving the needs of their class. The erupting farce surrounding the corrupt business interests of Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind are a case in point. Aside their greed, both political characters happen to be keen advisors to the Global Strategy Forum — a cosy club for the rich, where Mr Straw and Mr Rifkind and their well-heeled friends can get together to have chummy debates on foreign affairs, defence and international security issues.

Another eager contributor to this elite debating society is Tory notable Lord Lamont. The latter of whom also serves alongside Mr Straw on the advisory council of Kazakhstan’s Eurasian Council of Foreign Affairs, an organization that models itself upon the British ruling-classes Chatham House. Here at the Eurasian Council, leading thinkers, many of whom personally profit from the highly exploitative and lucrative energy industry in Central Asia, engage in fine dining while discussing how to prop up Kazakhstan’s brutal dictatorship. Nothing new here for Labour Party regulars of course, as providing PR services to the Kazak regime was something of a specialty for multimillionaire Labour-man and war criminal Tony Blair.

Jack straw


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