Of Privatisation and City Link: The Need for Renationalising Mail Distribution

In 1988 the Thatcherite think tank known as the Centre for Policy Studies published a sickening pamphlet called “Britain’s Biggest Enterprise: Ideas for Radical Reform of the NHS.” A pamphlet that “provides a coherent justification for the trajectory of change to the NHS that we have seen implemented by the governments in power since that time.” In the same year, the coauthor of this pamphlet, penned the preface for a book titled Privatising the World.

Moving to the present day, a leading board member of Centre for Policy Studies is profiting immensely from his attempted liquidation of Coventry-based City Link. This board member is millionaire venture capitalist Jon Moulton, whose private equity business (Better Capital) had purchased City Link for just £1 in 2013. Needless to say Mr Moulton has a residence in low-tax Guernsey, which happens to also be where Better Capital PCC Limited is conveniently based. And would you believe it, Mr Moulton is an important supporter of UKIP to boot!

The National Shop Stewards Network supports the call of RMT general secretary Mick Cash for City Link to be nationalised to save these jobs – as also does the Socialist Party. Mick Cash told the BBC: “If the government can nationalise the bankers then they can nationalise City Link, which is clearly in the public interest”.

“This call should be linked to the trade unions demanding the re-nationalisation of Royal Mail – where universal national equality of prices and service is now under threat on the altar of profits – and the rest of the companies in this sector.”

For details of how to support City Link workers follow this link http://www.rmt.org.uk/campaigns/road-transport/support-city-link-workers-campaign/



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