Is Keith Vaz Really Super-Inclusive Labour-Man of the Year?

“Keith Vaz has been named Labour MP of the year by an organisation that works to include people in politics,” the Leicester Mercury wrote on Thursday. The irony being that Mr Vaz is part of political party, that through their obsession with the needs of the rich, works to exclude people from politics.


The Mercury quoted an advisor to the Patchwork foundation, which gave the award, as saying: “The MP of the Year Awards not only highlights the work MPs are doing to better understand their diverse communities, it also applauds those MPs who are encouraging greater civic and political engagement.”

Noteworthy here is that of the seven well-to-do individuals who resided on the judging panel for the Patchwork award, one was the head of Prince Charles’ mentoring charity, Mosaic; while a second was Mosaic’s deputy chairman.

The kindly private equity king who oversees the nice-sounding work of Mosaic is one Khawar Mann, the chairman of Medsi Group, the largest private healthcare provider company in Russia. Medsi is a subsidiary of Sistema, one of the largest holding companies in the world; and guess who is currently an independent director of Sistema, well none other than Lord Peter Mandelson, the former adviser to British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Here it is worth recalling that last years winner of the Patchwork award was Labour MP, Sadiq Khan, who earlier this year came under some flack for courting UKIP voters, by pandering to their divisive immigration policies; a not unusual step for Labour leaders, whose Party political broadcast the previous year did much the same. It is fitting that Mr Khan is a patron of Labour’s right-wing pressure group, that is, the group otherwise misnamed as Progress.

Finally, one might add that Mr Khan’s chances of winning the award were perhaps increased somewhat by his having joined Mosaic as one of their ambassadors the year before he won the prize from the Patchwork foundation. How very inclusive!


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