Indefinite Strike Against The Green Company

Wednesday 30th November marks the impending date that recycling workers based at The Green Company (formerly Sova) will be forced into taking indefinite strike action. This at a bullying company who continue to pretend they don’t have enough money to pay their workers appropriately. (For more details see “Sheffield recycling workers to start indefinite action”; and for more background see the article I published in July 2012.)

Yet bizarrely the trustees of the company that these bullied employees work for seem to think of themselves as community activists committed to making the world a nicer place (for some folk anyway). A good example is provided by Cambridge University educated Robert Fulton, a longstanding trustee of SOVA (2004-2012) and current trustee of Salvaire, the holding company of The Green Company.

In his spare time when he is not exploiting his own workers, Mr Fulton thus edits the newsletter for the Hinchley Wood Residents’ Association, a political group that has two Councillors on the Elmbridge Borough Council. This Association is devoted to campaigning on local issues for local people. “You have to care about your local community,” said Janet Turner of the Hinchley Wood Residents’ Association in an interview given in 2002. “You cannot think about politics.”

Mr Fulton also serves as a trustee of CHEER (Concern and Help for East Elmbridge Retired), a group which helps the impoverished elderly – a demographic group which Mr Fulton helps grow through his ongoing attacks on his own workers employment rights at The Green Company.


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