More Bombs: “Not in My Name”

September 26 was another momentous day for belligerent cheerleaders keen to promote bombing as an alternative to diplomacy, with the vast majority of Labour MP’s voting to support yet another bombing campaign in Iraq. All Labour MP’s in Leicester voted in favour of this violent action.

In the wake of this murderous decision, MP for Leicester South Jon Ashworth even had the temerity to show up at a well-attended “Not in My Name” peace vigil here in Leicester last night. A vigil that had been called to show opposition to ISIS’s brutality, and call for the release of Alan Henning, who tragically has now been murdered.


After the vigil I approach Jon Ashworth to let him know that yet another imperial intervention in Iraq would solve no-ones problems; asking him why he hadn’t learnt any lessons from the murderous and catastrophic 2003 invasion of Iraq.

During our chat he seemed morally opposed to bombing, and boasted that during the Parliamentary debate in question he had spoken to the need to rebuild civic society in Iraq. Yet it seems that he clearly didn’t feel too strongly about this issue as his only intervention into the Parliamentary bombing debate was one short sentence. He then voted for bombing!

Mr Ashworth was then stupid enough to tell me that the only reason he had voted for bombing was because ultimately the only choice was between bombing and hand-wringing. I pointed out how these was not the actual alternatives, and that bombing would only intensify the problems in the region (reiterating points well made in this article “US led bombings will worse divisions“).

Determined to separate himself from other members of bomb-happy brigade in Parliament in then reminded me that he had voted against the War on Iraq in 2003. This historical tit-bit however only emphasizes how far he has come from being able to take a principled opposition to needless violence.

When I reminded him that bombing solves no problems, he assured me he knew of the horrors of war — having just witnessed the results of such savagery (undertaken by the State of Israel) during his recent to Palestine. In a recent article he described the butchery of war on Gaza:

“We were led down to a male ward where men lay on beds, nearly all amputees all with burns and shrapnel injuries. In the corner a 4 year old boy clung onto a battered teddy bear. He was from Gaza. He had lost an eye and a leg. In the same ward his father coalesced, he had also lost a leg. His mother was 20 miles away in a hospital in Hebron, she had lost both legs.”

After Mr Ashworth mentioned this tragic story to me in our conversion, I asked him whether he could see the hypocrisy of his just voting to support airstrikes on Iraq: yet he just seemed perplexed, not understanding how the carnage in Gaza might be linked to the bombs he had voted to unleash upon Iraq.

Labour careerists like Mr Ashworth are evidently spineless bureaucrats. They do much to make it look like they care about people, be they in the UK or in Gaza, but when it comes to the crunch they make politically useless decisions on a daily basis that destroy those very same peoples lives.


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