A Pay Rise for Some

In the entire country only 10 MPs signed a parliamentary motion opposing the proposed 11% pay rise pay rise. Funnily enough none of those MPs  live in Leicestershire, this is despite the fact that just last week the Leicester Mercury ran the headline that: “Leicester MPs Liz Kendall and Jon Ashworth condemn 11 per cent pay rise plans.”

The Mercury article provided ample space for Labour hot-air, noting how Labour MP for Leicester West Liz Kendall said: “it would be completely wrong for IPSA [Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority] to decide to increase MPs pay by 11 per cent.” She added, “I oppose it…” Leicester South MP Jon Ashworth joined the melee with his own rhetorical opposition to the pay rise saying: “It can’t go ahead. We cannot justify MPs getting an 11 per cent raise at this time of austerity.”

It turns out that the reason why both Kendall and Ashworth were the only local MPs who felt able to publicly oppose the pay rise was because they are both members of the shadow cabinet, which means they are not allowed to vote in such early day motions.

Either way this case provides yet another example of how Labour politicians across the country pretend to do one thing and then do the complete opposite: much like when our Labour representatives shed tears and say they want to oppose the cuts but always seem to act in unison to attack our vital public services.

AMENDMENT: This blog post was corrected about an hour after initial publication as it has initially criticized Kendall and Ashworth for not signing the aforementioned EDM.


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