Public Protection, Not Private Profit

Napo’s nationwide 24-hour strike, which ended today at 12 noon, was initiated in order to oppose the Government’s insane plans to outsource 70% of the Probation Service’s work to private companies such as G4S, SERCO and Sodexo. This was a necessary form of industrial action that was widely supported by the public. Therefore to expand upon the dangers to public safety posed by these vulture companies this article will now briefly introduce these three companies dirty and unconscionable backgrounds in profiteering at the public expense.

To begin with, one excellent reason why G4S should not be trusted to manage any project concerning the public good owes to their ongoing role in “undermining of the Fourth Geneva Convention and human rights in Israel and Palestine, and for their poor record around the deaths of several people and the injury of hundreds others in their activities for the UK Border Agency.”… CONTINUED HERE.


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