Probation Service Strike Back

Today members in the Probation Service of England and Wales organised through Napo walked out of work at 12 noon in order to take industrial action in the form of a 24-hour strike. This follows the conclusive ballot result where 84% of those polled showed their willingness to take part in opposition to Chris Grayling’s ridiculous and dangerous so-called “Transforming Rehabilitation” agenda.

This is only the fourth time in Napo’s 101 year history that the union has announced industrial action, and here in Leicester they took strike action in style, setting high standards that will provide inspiration for all future strike action by unions. Firstly the hundred plus workers who walked out of work together proudly and defiantly advertised their strike action wide and far by occupying the bridge outside their workplace. And with loud cheers and a variety of colourful placards they let the world know of their resistance to the government’s brutal agenda of privatisation. A righteous protest that was met with honks of support from passing cars… CONTINUED HERE.


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