Labour’s Privatisation Care-in

Ridiculous plans to sell or shut care homes run by Leicester City Council were finalised this week. Assistant city mayor Rita Patel boasted that this Labour-led privatisation of vital public services will save the Council about £4.2 million a year.

“Coun Patel conceded that most of the care homes’ residents would rather stay as they are, but said the homes were becoming less popular.” The second part of this statement being a blatant lie that was exposed during the last full Council meeting in September, to which she failed to respond at the time (for further details see my previous article “Labour Axes Council Care Homes”).

Coun Patel then went on to remake the erroneous case for the dismantling of the welfare state. Indeed, following the same (mis)logic that is used to justify ongoing attacks on all public services, be they the NHS or our schools, she “said the cost of keeping the homes in public ownership was greater than housing elderly people in private-sector accommodation and paying for their care.”

“Higher pay council workers received was the main reason the private sector was able to run care homes more efficiently, she said.” Thus there we have it straight from the Labour Council: the main reason that our elderly care homes can be run cheaper in the private sector is because the pay and conditions of their workers will be savaged by their new employers.

No argument of course is made that services will improve as a result of paying carers less money to do an already difficult job. This is because all the evidence demonstrates that the level of care will actually diminish as jobs are cut (to improve profitability) and carers are forced to do more work for less money.

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