Sir Peter’s Coming Awakening?

Yesterday it was reported in the Leicester Mercury that Sir Peter Soulsby believes that there was nothing that the council could do to resist the bedroom tax. Nothing new there; Sir Peter has never seem too worried about resisting the government’s vile and ever growing attacks on his constituents.

Needless to say on the issue of resistance Sir Peter is mistaken, and the Labour council could certainly refuse to implement the hated bedroom tax if it felt so inclined. A fantastic role model in this regard can be taken from the 1980s when Liverpool’s Labour council successfully demonstrated that a city could refuse to do the Tories bidding.

That said, there is some good news, as in the same Mercury article Sir Peter admits that: “If there was a solution, every council would take it.” Bearing this in mind, one can only hope that Sir Peter has a couple of free evenings in the coming weeks, as if he spends this time reading Liverpool – A City That Dared To Fight (1988) he will know exactly what he needs to do if he wants to resist the bedroom tax.

Then, once he realizes that there is something the council can do to resist attacks on the residents of Leicester, perhaps he might consider halting his disgusting attacks on homeless service provision. Because as much as I enjoy participating in homeless sleep-outs to protest Sir Peter’s evident stupidity — which is an extremely generously-minded interpretation of his long, very long, self-serving career — I would much prefer it if he began engaging his brain and started acting democratically, in a manner befitting a socialist politician.

If Sir Peter thinks he can’t undertake such a simple task, then he needs to be prepared to step aside to allow a politician with more socialist mettle to take his place. A political representative who can then begin the serious work that needs to be done to resist our brutal working-class hating government.

But maybe I am being too harsh, as in a bizarre turn of events it seems that Sir Peter may already have started thinking about the positive lessons to be gleaned from Liverpool’s brave resistance, as he is speaking at a public meeting — to be held later today (6.30pm at the Peepul Centre) — to help organize the fight to prevent Rushey Mead Secondary School being privatised.

All great stuff, lets only hope he is now planning to join the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in opposing all academies and public sector cuts.


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