Corporate Whackiness #1

Meet Matthew Gregory, he has been working in the field of personal and organisation change for the last 20 years. Before starting his own Midland’s based consultancy in 2007 he had industriously wheedled his way up KPMG’s corporate ladder. His final position at KPMG was as “Head of Learning & Change” and he managed a tidy annual budget of £1 million. More recently Mr Gregory has become the UK Partner for Bluepoint Leadership, lucrative work which he supplements by being a team member of Next Action Associates.

Based in Surrey and formed in 2009, Next Action Associates is proud to be Britain’s only certified partner of the David Allen Company, letting them teach us Brit’s all about David Allen’s GTD® program, which if you didn’t know, is the shorthand brand for “Getting Things Done®.”  Perhaps you’ve already heard of Mr Allen’s international best-selling book by the same name: I certainly hadn’t until earlier today! Time magazine however heralded it as “the defining self-help business book of its time.”

Although not emphasized by Mr Gregory and his Next Action colleagues, Mr Allen is a disciple of the spiritual guru, John-Roger, a former Mormon turned founder of the US-based Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA). If such intrigue wets your managerial taste-buds then get down to London for the 19th September, and if you have a spare £468 you can attend Next Action’s latest GTD® seminar. Or else you can indulge in the condensed version of his inane advice for free by watching his TEDx talk here. But be warned, if you want the spiritual version you will actually have to attend one of MSIA’s Insight Seminars.

Over the course of three days and one evening, you find yourself exploring the dynamic of your life in ways you may never have done before. For most people, the Insight I Seminar provides some of the most interesting, insightful, joy filled, and useful “ah” experiences they’ve ever had.

As you might have guessed by now, our friend Mr Gregory is tooled-up with all manner of magical consultancy tricks, and he boasts of being a recent graduate of the Newfield Ontological Learning Course “Pursuing Mastery for Experienced Coaches.” For those outside of the nonsensencial corporate world of enlightened management, it is informative to know that this special course is provided by the Newfield Network — a network whose current CEO is homeopath Veronica Paz Olalla Love, a women who prides herself on having a master’s degree in acupuncture and in running a alternative health clinic in “New Age” epicentre, Boulder, Colorado.

But that is not all, as amongst Mr Gregory’s other assorted sacred management talents he is a practictioner of the mumbo jumbo known as Neurolinguistic programming, and is an expert in psychosynthesis — courtesy of the otherworldly training provided at the Psychosynthesis Trust. As I explained in a previous article:

[T]he Psychosynthesis Trust was founded in in 1965 by “the father of psychosynthesis,” Roberto Assagioli (an influential theosophist who had been the Italian representative of Alice Bailey’s Arcane School) together with individuals including New Age guru Sir George Trevelyan (for more on him, see “Sir George Trevelyan’s Life of Magic”).

Finally it is worth observing that until earlier this year Mr Gregory served on the “Global Leadership Development Faculty” at BP, yes that’s BP as in the multinational oil company. The corporate world has clearly gone mad, so why not think about joining the Socialist Party to help usher in a bright and sensible future where the working-class can run such corporations instead of New Age capitalists.

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