Making G4S Pay

Last month, after receiving a whopping bonus for his stellar commitment to corruption, Nick Buckles, the outgoing CEO of G4S was replaced by Ashley Almanza. Having joined G4S as their chief financial officer a month earlier, Mr Almanza came from this position after serving in senior positions at oil and gas multinational BG Group (formerly British Gas)  – where he was already rubbing board room shoulders with G4S’s deputy chairman Mark Seligman.

If anyone is able to help G4S avoid paying any political cost for their ongoing profiteering it is greasy operator Mr Almanza, who recently served as the chairman of the Hundred Group — which according to their web site “represents the views of the finance directors of FTSE 100 and several large UK private companies.” Indeed, the Hundred Group’s “member companies represent almost 90% of the market capitalisation of the FTSE 100, collectively employing over 7% of the UK workforce…”

Interestingly, Mr Almanza was succeeded in his chairmanship of the Hundred Group by Andy Halford in 2010, the current chief financial officer of Vodafone, who prior to joining this telecommunications corporation in 1999 had been employed as the group finance director for East Midlands Electricity.

During the late 1990s Mr Halford had served under East Midlands Electricity CEO Bob Davis – a man who until last year was a board member of locally-based housing giant Barratt Developments — who also acted as the CEO of Arriva from 1998 until 2006. Mr Davis’ role at the head of the latter transportation corporation is noteworthy in the context of this article as G4S’s Nick Buckles served under him on Arriva’s board room over two years, 2005 and 2006.

With such useful ties to associates of G4S powerbrokers one can only imagine that local Labour MP’s in Leicester are ideally placed to move into profitable consultancy work with G4S when they retire – as did John Reid, Tony Blair’s Home Secretary and Secretaries of State for Health and Defence.


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