Robbing the Blind…

As reported last week, “Disabled and older people are set to lose their free late-night and early morning bus travel as part of” Leicester City Council’s “cost-cutting drive” which is part of Council’s ongoing attacks on our poorest and most vulnerable residents.

The Leicester Mercury went on to quote, Dr Brian Negus, who is the chairman of the charity Vista, which supports partially-sighted people, who said: “It is the loss of the pre-9.30am travel which will have the biggest impact… [Especially] on young blind professional people who use the buses to get to work, perhaps five times a week.”

Leicester’s Labour Council has no qualms about scrapping vital public services and inviting corporations to step in to help the needy, and they are evidently committed to undermining the entire idea of enforcing a redistributive system of taxation.

It is obvious to all except for our profit-seeking politicians that super-rich corporate scroungers should simply pay the tax they owe — £120 billion a year at last count — so we can adequately fund the provision of essential public services.

But the blind apparently need not fear for the future as yesterday the Leicester Mercury informed us that the Leicester office of well-to-do corporate advisers, Nelsons Solicitors, “has announced” that Vista is “its chosen charity for the year.” How nice.

Vista’s lifetime patron, the Duke of Rutland (who resides in Belvoir Castle) happens to also be a big-time supporter of the too well known establishment “anti-establishment” party UKIP; a party whom unbeknownst to many of their disillusioned voters are dedicated to cutting tax for the super-rich.

One can only hope that the Duke and his new friends at Nelsons Solicitors can rustle up some additional legal advice for the rich so the wealthy can pay less tax and then magnanimously donate a tiny fraction of such additional profits to charity. How nice.


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