Rubbish Solutions

Today Leicestershire County Council announced that it plans to cut their expenditure on rubbish tips and recycling centres by nearly 8% (or in real terms £300,000). This will mean, in real terms, a worse service for the public, and redundancies or shortened working hours for the workers.

According to County Hall’s Tory cabinet member for waste: “Leicestershire has an excellent recycling and household waste service, which contributes towards the achievement of our record as the second best county for recycling.” Thus the logic to cut funding for such services is obvious isn’t it?

No doubt in the near future the Tories will take a leaf from the Lib Dem’s and Labour in Sheffield City Council, who both supported a scheme which has seen their recycling services contracted out to Veolia (a huge multinational corporation), who in-turn subcontract their work out to SOVA Recycling. As a direct result of such profitable double-dealing (for some), last year recycling workers in Sheffield were forced to take industrial action on numerous occasions to fight against penny-saving cuts which saw drastic attacks on their pay and conditions.

Such profiteering off the backs of already poorly paid workers is widespread in Britain, but resistance to such exploitation is common. Today in Bromley, for example, waste workers announced they were taking strike action against Veolia, who subcontracts waste serves for Bromley Council. While last Friday, “hundreds of people rallied in support of Brighton CityClean workers as they began a seven-day long strike against planned pay cuts by the Green controlled council.”

In such dirty times it is vital that we all stick together by showing our solidarity with waste workers, and actively fight against all the major political parties dirty tactics of attacking the poorest and rewarding the rich. There is plenty of money in society, its just that the filthy-rich prefer to hoard it.

And while you are busy showing such solidarity, why not save your smelliest rubbish and leave a nice thank you gift on the doorstep of your local Councillor’s house to remind them that cuts are certainly not wanted nor necessary.


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