EDL Told to Stay at Home

This is a spoof article based upon the equally unbelievable article published by the Leicester Mercury.

Leicester City Council leaders have urged members of the English Defence League (EDL) to stay away from the city centre this weekend.

The Leicester Labour Party has written to its supporters across the city ahead of Saturday’s planned march to spread their democratic message that the EDL should remain at home.

It was suggested that they might watch television instead.

Leicester members of the far-right racist grouping known as EDL announced earlier this week that they intend to march from the Clock Tower to the war memorial in Victoria Park to help promote  racial unrest after Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered in London last week.

Council boss, Peter Soulsby, said: “We are advising trouble-makers it is better to stay away because of the risk of confrontation.

“It is right to pay respects to Drummer Lee Rigby but the citizens of Leicester will not accept an openly racist group marching through the city centre.”

The EDL has said its members would pretend not to be racist if they were allowed to carry out their march.

If the march went ahead it would only serve to boost the confidence of racists in Leicester, and lead to an escalation in racial attacks.

This is precisely why the Council has opposed the EDL march, and is encouraging the concerned people of Leicester to show their support by meeting by the Clock Tower at 9am to loudly say no to both racism and the EDL.


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