Selling Our Lives

Mosaic is a global data-mining operation that sells detailed personal information about us to well endowed corporations. It is yet another way in which corporations undermine democracy and increase the gap between the rich and the rest of us.

Distributed by credit-history firm Experian plc — whose head office happens to be in the former  headquarters of MI5 — Mosaic UK “takes its place amongst a family of consumer segmentation that is available in 29 countries and classifies over a billion consumers worldwide.” Mosaic UK’s data set contains the personal details of some forty million plus British citizens.

Labour Party strategists make ample use of such detailed information; as do the Tories, who use Experian’s services to enable them to “post out their anti-immigration leaflets to households deemed, via Mosaic, to be intolerant of outsiders,” although they don’t “bother sending those leaflets to the more cosmopolitan Tory voters.”

For the unfortunate record, one notable board member of Experian is George Rose, who is also a current director of Laing O’Rourke, which is especially worrying given Laing O’Rourke’s long-standing commitment to the filtering of their prospective staff via the use of an illegal blacklist. [1]

Democracy is the answer; capitalism, the problem.

[1] Another recent board member is J Sainsbury plc chairman, David Tyler; for a detailed examination of the leading members of Experian’s board of directors, see my article “Mining Argos’ Ruling Class.”


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