Doing Something Useful?

Today the Leicester Mercury reported that “Harborough MP Sir Edward Garnier has told a person pretending to be him on Twitter to ‘get a life and go and do something useful instead’.” Perhaps that “something useful” might involve Garnier’s impersonator joining the Samaritans, something Garnier did last month when he joined their advisory board.

Here Garnier works alongside the former Barclays-advertising-guru, Baroness Buscombe, who chairs the Samaritans advisory board. A women who also happens to be a long-standing board member of utility profiteer, Three Valleys Water — which until recently was owned by the well-known exploiter of the global working class, Veolia.

In 2009 Three Valleys Water changed its name to Veolia Water Central, and last year it “was purchased by a consortium led by Infracapital Partners and Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners,” changing its name again to Affinity Water.

“Good Samaritan” Baroness Buscombe remains on Affinity Water’s board room, and it is notable that the chairman of this water profiteer is Phil Nolan: Nolan being the chairman of John Laing plc —  a construction firm which acted as a founding member of the disgusting blacklisting organization that went by the innocuous name, the Consulting Association.

Here one might observe that the founding vice-chairman of the Consulting Association was John Laing plc director Tony Jennings, with Cullum McAlpine, a director of Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd, serving as their initial chairman. [1]

When the Consulting Association was finally forced to close down in 2009, “it had various outstanding costs”  which were graciously “met by Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd.” This brings us full circle, as McAlpine Ltd is the same company with whom Sir Garnier’s current high profile libel client, Lord McAlpine once worked for (during the 1960s): Lord McAlpine’s father of course being a former head of the famous construction company.


[1] John Laing’s commitment to blacklisting was later continued by Laing O’Rourke, when in 2001 R. O’Rourke bought Laing Construction from John Laing plc for just £1.


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