Healthcare Lockup

Late last year Interserve took over management of Leicestershire’s hospitals from Serco Group: Serco of course being one of the world’s leading prison profiteers — locally, they run HM Prison Lowdham Grange in Nottinghamshire.

Current Interserve board member, Dougie Sutherland, is a former Managing Director of Amey Ventures: Amey now acting as the current employer of Tom Wheatley, who until last year served as the head of privately run prison, HMP Rye Hill (which is situated in the village of Willougby, near Rugby).

HMP Rye Hill is run by the infamous company G4S (which is now overseeing the maintenance of many schools in Leicester). The head of G4S is Nick Buckles, the former board member of transport providers Arriva (2005-10): Arriva being one of the companies which won a lucrative contract last year to (mis)carry hospital patients around Leicestershire.

Such tidy connections are the norm for huge corporations ever keen to reap the immense financial rewards of either managing the health or punishment of British citizens.


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